Banking Codes & Standards Board of India

Banking Codes & Standards Board of India

This is a voluntary Code, which sets minimum standards of banking practices for the bank to follow when we are dealing with individual customers and Micro and Small Enterprises. We are a member of the Banking Codes and Standards Board of India (BCSBI). As a member, we are committed to follow the prescribed standards of banking practices as detailed in the 'Code of Bank's Commitment to Customers'.

Individuals customers: To refer to the Code of Bank's Commitment to Individuals customers.


Micro and Small Enterprises:To refer to the Code of Bank's Commitment to Micro and Small Enterprises.


Please Note:

  • Nomination facility is available on all deposit accounts, articles in safe custody and safe deposit vaults.
  • Bank exchanges soiled notes and mutilated notes.
  • Bank accepts / exchange coins of all denominations.
  • If a banknote tendered at the branch is found to be counterfeit, bank will issue an acknowledgement to the tenderer after stamping the note.
  • We accept direct tax collection.
  • We open 'No frills' accounts.
  • The Bank will consider the clear balance available in your account at the beginning of the day to process cheques in Inward Clearing.