Frequently Asked Questions

How to access 'Pay your Contact' feature?

You can access this feature under Quick Access section of Kotak Mobile Banking App or through Kotak Mobile Banking App -> Payments Section (present in bottom menu) -> Send Money

This feature is available only for Kotak Mobile Banking App users.

How to use this feature?

Please find the steps below to use this feature:

1.  Log into your Mobile Banking App
2. Tap on ‘Pay your Contact’ under the Quick Access section on the home screen
3. Enter or select mobile number of Beneficiary. You can also enter a UPI ID
4. Select Kotak bank/ UPI Apps icon to which you would like to send money
5. Enter the Amount and Remarks
6. Review your Payment details & submit

Note: You can share the Success Confirmation Page on Whatsapp.

How fast is ‘Pay your Contact’ transaction?

Transactions using Pay your Contact are instant and completed within seconds.

What is a UPI ID?

UPI ID is like an email ID. It is an address that you can create on bank/payment app where you can send or receive money. If you get a Kotak UPI ID, the format will be as username@Kotak. All UPI IDs need to be linked to a bank account from which the money is either collected or sent from

What are the transaction limits in Pay your Contact?

You can transact up to 20 times and with a total value of up to INR 1,00,000 per day.