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There are various kinds of credit card users. Some use credit cards extensively, snapping up all benefits, while some use them only for emergencies. Some people are always punctual about their credit-card dues, while some people are perpetually late. Some people like to own a number of credit cards while others are satisfied with only one.

What kind of credit card user are you?

The Responsible User

These users tend to keep an eye on their bank statements. They know exactly how their statements are going to be, and prepare themselves accordingly. They usually always repay their debts on time and hence save themselves from paying interest. They also try to maximize the benefits and offers that come with their cards, whether it is dining, movies, or shopping.

Minimum Payers

These users try to get by without paying their full dues – they tend to only pay ‘the minimum amount’. This habit makes them a favorite of credit card companies . Although they don’t make complete payments, they tend to get attracted by the offers and benefits of credit card users. These users end up paying high interest rates eventually, if they are unable to make full payments .


These payers use their credit cards to the hilt, but when it comes to paying dues, they disappear. The banks tag them as defaulters. Most times, these users do not realize that their behavior lowers their credit rating and are usually surprised when they are unable to get loans, or credit on good terms from lending institutions.

Flaunters, but non-users

These people flaunt their cards, but will hardly use them. They have either faced some trouble with the terms and conditions of their credit cards, or are just not interested in using them. Some ‘collect’ credit cards as status symbols, but don’t really need them.

So do you fit into any of the categories listed above? The first two and the last are relatively harmless, but if you are in the third category, it is time for you to change.  Pay your bills on time and avoid credit-card debt!


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