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The White Credit Card also comes with Visa payWave that offers a fast, safe and secure way to pay.



Just wave and pay with no PIN.

Enjoy the comfort of this contactless way to pay for transactions up to ₹5000, without a PIN.

  • Why contactless payments?
    • Speed: You don't need to enter a PIN, just wave your credit card on the reader*.
    • Safety: The credit card never leaves your hand, reducing the risk of loss or counterfeit.
    • Security: Multiple layers of security ensures no fraudulent or unauthorized transactions.

  • How does the PayWave Credit Card work?
    • Look for the Visa PayWave mark and contactless logo on the POS machine
    • Check the amount entered on the contactless reader
    • Tap your credit card over the reader at close range over the logo
    • A message and 4 beeps indicates a successful transaction

*The requirement for PIN entry on the POS terminal at the merchant outlet is a function of country specific regulations and is subject to change. PIN input is not mandated for purchases below the permissible local limit.

Please note that the permissible transaction limit for usage of credit cards in contactless mode in India is mandated by RBI and may change from time to time based on the latest regulations. As per RBI notification on Additional Factor authentication for contactless transactions dated Dec 4, 2020, PIN input is not required on the POS terminal at the merchant outlet for contactless transactions up to a maximum value of ₹5,000 per transaction. Additionally, beyond this transaction limit (above ₹5,000), the card has to be processed in Chip & PIN mode and authentication with PIN is mandatory.

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