Paytm ‘Tap to Pay’ using Kotak Debit Card

Tap to Pay is a Contactless technology that enables users to make payments on-the-move, in a simpler & secure manner. You can make payments by simply tapping your phone on the card terminal. All you need to do is activate your Debit Card to the Paytm App and enable NFC (Near Field Communication) on your smartphone. Another noteworthy attribute that it comes with, is that all Tap to Pay transactions can be done without having to worry about internet connectivity.

 How It Works?

  • Check: Check whether the card terminal at the store has a contactless symbol or not. If yes, then it supports Tap to Pay.
  • Tap: On adding billing details, just unlock your phone & tap or bring it near the Contactless indicator on the card terminal, and your payment is done.
  • Go : Upon tapping, your payment will get processed within seconds & you are good to go.


Why Tap to Pay?

  • No Need to Carry Physical Cards
    With Tap to Pay, you do not have to carry your actual physical cards. You can now make card payments with just a tap of your Paytm installed smartphone on any NFC compliant Merchant (POS) terminal.

  • More Secure Payments
    Tap to Pay payments will make your overall transactions more secure. Your actual 16-digit card number is neither stored nor shared in the payments ecosystem. It is replaced by random numbers called digital tokens that are interpretable only by the card networks like VISA, Mastercard, and RuPay. Also, to initiate any transaction, you would be required to unlock your phone, which further adds another layer of security.

  • No Internet Required
    Tap to Pay payments do not require your device to be connected to the internet. Hence, making it faster than your regular online or QR payment.

  • 100% Contactless
    Tap to Pay payments are Contactless in nature & thus, neither you nor your device needs to come in direct physical contact with the EDC terminal. In order to process an offline payment, all you have to do is bring your device closer to the POS terminal.

How to Add Your Card?

In order to enjoy a whole new world of convenience using Tap to Pay, you will have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Click on the Tap to Pay icon on the home screen of Paytm app.
  • Choose either a Saved Card or Add a New Card
  • Enter details of the chosen card
  • Accept Issuer's Terms and Conditions
  • Enter the received OTP to verify
  • On successful verification, the card is activated
  • In case Paytm is not the default NFC App, you will be prompted to set it as the default


Where it works?

All the stores accepting Contactless payments, like restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. Simply, check for a Contactless terminal & Tap to Pay!

So, register your Kotak Debit Card today!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the method of receiving OTP?

The method of receiving OTP can be changed using the below steps –

Click on the  “Try other methods to verify” link on the Verify OTP screen


A bottom screen opens up with the list of verification methods that the bank has made available for the card you are activating. Choose any of these methods and click on “Proceed”.

You will be directed back to the “Verify OTP” screen with the updated method.


What happens if I abandon the activation process in between?

If you drop out of the activation process at the “Verify OTP” screen, your Kotak Debit Card will be available in the Tap to Pay home card list with status – Complete activation. Clicking on this card would give you the option to complete your activation or disable the card.


If you choose to complete your activation, you will be taken directly to the “Verify OTP” screen such that you can complete the activation from where you left.

If you drop out of the activation process before the “Verify OTP” screen, you will have to re-initiate the process from the start.

Is there a maximum limit on the number of incorrect OTP attempts?

Paytm allows only 3 incorrect OTP attempts for card activation. Post the three attempts you are advised to verify yourself using the “Customer care” option from the “Try other methods to verify” link.

You can also disable the card from the card list on Tap to Pay home screen and re-initiate the activation process for the card.

Does my device have to be NFC enabled for Tap to Pay?

Yes, your device should be NFC enabled for it to support Paytm Tap to Pay payments. This is because NFC of your device facilitates the contactless interaction between your smartphone and the POS terminal.

Does Tap to Pay work on iOS?

No, currently Tap to Pay supports only Android OS devices. iOS devices are currently ineligible for making Tap to Pay payments.

Does Tap to Pay work with all Android OS versions?

No, Tap to Pay supports only devices with Android OS versions 8.0 and above.