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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I avail a Payday Loan?

This product is available to pre-approved customers. 

PayDay loan can be instantly availed by logging onto Kotak Mobile Banking application or Net banking. 

What is payday loan @Kotak?

Payday Loan is a term loan, offered for one month, pre-approved at 50% of your net salary, and offered to salary account holders of Kotak. No paperwork required and instant disbursal.

What is the maximum loan amount to avail?

 Rs. 1.5lac is maximum loan amount to avail.

What is the minimum loan amount to avail?

Rs.3000/- is the minimum amount to avail.

What is the total repayment amount due & tenure?

The total of principal loan amount plus the interest charged until maturity will be the total repayment amount due, which has to be paid in single installment as per the repayment date mentioned with loan details.