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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the eligibility criterion to avail Personal Accident Insurance cover on my RuPay India Debit Card?

Eligibility criteria:

The claim under Personal Accident Insurance shall be payable only if the card holder has carried out at least one transaction i.e. at a Merchant Establishment/ATM /ecommerce /Micro ATM/Business Correspondent of the bank at locations, within 90 days for RuPay Classic card prior to the date of accident including accident date. The Personal Accident Insurance (Death and Permanent Total Disability) would be an Open policy for any kind of accident leading to death or disability.

If the incident occurs in a timeline of 0-90 days of issuance of the RuPay India Debit Card, thereby not giving a window of the 90 days qualifying criteria for doing a transaction in order to be eligible for the insurance benefit, is the Cover still valid?

Yes, as an exception in such cases the cover is still valid and claim can be intimated

What is an accident?

Accident or Accidental means a sudden, unforeseen and involuntary event caused by external and visible means.

What are the benefits payables under this policy?

Now you can protect yourself with Personal Accident Insurance against accidental injuries. The policy provides the benefits to you, for Accidental Death and Permanent Disability.

Does the personal accident policy cover natural Death or death due to some illness/disease?

No. Personal accident policy covers Death occurring due to accidents or accidental injuries.