21 FEBRUARY, 2022

The onset of a New Year gives you reasons and motivation to improve your life. It could be a change in your wardrobe, lifestyle, habits, or just a daily schedule. But an easy way to feel freshness around you is by renovating your house. With a few modifications in the home interiors, you can bring substantial changes in its look and feel. So, why not improve your home to make it New Year ready with the latest trends? Here are four fascinating home improvement trends you should look for this New Year. Read on to find out.


  • Moving towards sustainability

Sustainability is fast emerging as the new way of life and is there to stay. Therefore, it's the best time to adopt sustainability in the homes too. While plastic is slowly moving out of our lifestyle, various other materials have taken its place. You can add decor items made from terracotta, glass, marble to make your house eco-friendly. It is also a good time to reuse and recycle the furniture and extend their life rather than buying new ones. Experts believe these natural materials can add depth and calmness to your life while maintaining an organic living.


  • Adding green to the palette

While you are staying at home for the maximum time of the day, it’s important to have a balanced color palette in the decor. Though bold color shades are a preferred choice for kitchen and patio furniture, green has been the dominant color inside. You can add some green in your home with planters and potted plants or curtains that make you feel connected with nature. Moreover, painting the entire room green could get too bold. Therefore, you can add different shades of green through cushions, jute-inspired rugs, vases, etc.


  • Relooking at the bedrooms

Bedrooms have been used as a workspace, dining table, and sometimes gym too. To make it more like a bedroom this year, you might need to bring some structural changes. For the New Year, ditch the extravagances and make your bedroom a cozy place. Throw out the heavy furniture and opt for open spaces and breathable textures. You can also opt for accent chairs and hanging swing chairs, instead of couches and sofa this year. 


  • Brushing up the artist in you

While people have had a lot of time staying at home, the DIY trend has returned with a bang. This year try your hand at making personalized decor and DIY upcycling to decorate your home. Whether it is creating wall pieces for your living room, painting them in vibrant textures, or building a new desk, you can try your hand at upcycling to reuse old stuff and save money. Dreamcatchers, wall stickers, graffiti, and toran are elegant decor that you can make yourself and add a pinch of color to your homes.


While the ideas for the New Year are plenty, you need to consider your budget too. However, don't let lack of funds pull you back from giving your home the much-needed makeover. You can opt for a home improvement loan at flexible repayments. With home loan interest rates at an all-time low, you can fund the renovation and make head turns at the New Year’s house party. Apply now!

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