13 JANUARY, 2022

Your home is where your heart is. It's the only place that gives you peace no matter where you go. It's your home that you go to after a tiring day. Naturally, you would want to have a home that you can proudly flaunt. The best homes are those that reflect your personality and style. However, no matter how much planning you put into designing it, there comes a time when your home needs some renovation to change its look. Renovating your look changes the ambience, gives it a different feel and often sets your mood too. So why let go of the chance to give your house a makeover this new year? Kotak bank’s home improvement loan can give you the needed assistance.

Here are ways through which you can give a new life to your old house this New Year. Read on.

  • Repaint the Walls

You can give a fresh look to the house by repainting the walls. You can play with different colours and shades. You must consider the weather and placement of the windows while deciding the wall paints. You can paint the entire house in the same colour or use a different palette for each room. You can also substitute paints with wallpapers. Moreover, wall decors and wall accessories like mirrors and clocks can further help accentuate the house.

  • Remodel the Kitchen

If your house has the traditional kitchen setup, it's time to give it a spin to modular setup. A modular kitchen provides convenience and ease of usage. Moreover, it also makes your house look stylish and elegant. However, ensure to assess your requirements while designing the kitchen. The kitchen should not look cluttered with too many compartments and drawers. You can opt for flexible cabinets like cutlery trays, rollout trays, etc. Island countertop is a trendy concept that you can use in your kitchen.

  • Flooring

While carpets look rich and royal, it is not always viable. Also, it is a storehouse of dust and dirt if not cleaned every day. Instead, you can opt for wooden flooring. Wooden flooring instantly brightens the house and gives it a gleaming look. As per your budget, you can choose from oak, birch or cherry.

  • Accessories

Empty walls and furniture will not be enough unless you add accessories to your home. Adding sophisticated accessories can change the look of even the dullest house. You can add vases and portraits. You can also add in some plants and plotters to add some greenery to the house.

  • Add some colors

If you are looking forward to changing the look of the house instantly, changing the drapes, curtains, and cushions can be a great help. Use some contrasting colours of curtains and bedsheets to give your house a bit of a bohemian look. Also, ensure that your house has adequate lights by adding in chandeliers, recessed lights, etc., can further do the magic.

You might have to spend a considerable amount on home renovation if you want to redesign the house lavishly. It might not be a wise decision to exhaust your savings. Instead, it would be best to use a home improvement loan to pay for your home renovation. However, ensure to use a home loan calculator to check your affordability.

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