11 MARCH, 2020

The thought of marriage is indubitably elating and planning a beautiful wedding ceremony makes for an important part of the beginning of this journey. Deciding on what you wish your wedding to look like - while setting a realistic budget is essential. You are bound to have a zillion ideas on your mind for the venue, décor, food menu and more. Amidst all the planning, the costs can seem over-bearing. However, there are several ways that you can use to help cut corners while not compromising on the gleam of your celebration.

Here is a list of ways that will allow you to tactfully manage expenses while planning a memorable wedding:

Book your venue in advance

It is wise to book your wedding venue in advance or as soon as you decide to get married. Essentially, look for a venue that brings you great value in terms of location, ambiance and more. It is best to pick a venue that is easily accessible to your guests as you do not want them to spend too much time on travel.
Booking the venue early-on will ensure that you enjoy the best price. As opposed to the peak season, venues are offered at a much lower cost during off-seasons. Taking advantage of this will help you save big bucks and you can direct your budget savings in making other equally important expenses. You could avail  personal loan to handle spends in case you need to make a quick decision and have found the perfect venue.

Quality food from a reputed caterer

What’s a wedding party without some sumptuous food? The wedding food menu and special delicacies make for the highlight of your celebrations. Ensure that you hire the services of a caterer who will provide your guests with tasty dishes while charging a reasonable cost. Before selecting one, make a list of caterers and evaluate their past services, food quality and charges. You can negotiate the cost basis the number of guests and ceremonies as part of the wedding.

Affordable wedding attire

Wedding outfits add to the glitz and glamour of your wedding and it goes without saying that you would want to be clad in the most alluring sartorial pieces. Bridal outfits are high-priced but there is a way to get the best without spending too much. The first thing would be to get your attire in place, much in advance. This will give you enough time to consider different options and pick one that is not only beautiful, but affordable as well. You can also rope in a local tailor and have your outfit customized. This is a great way to save on your money, while donning an attire that is created just for you.

Local-store jewellery pieces

Wedding jewellery adds the much-needed opulence to your outfits. You must get jewels that will contribute to your outfits in making you look a billion-bucks on your special day. While there are several jewellery brands available today, they do charge exorbitantly for their designs. You can shop at local but reputed stores that offer the best ornamental pieces at an optimum price. Also, take advantage of discounts from brands that are offered especially during the festive and wedding seasons.

Cost-saving e-invites

Gone are the days when you use to print wedding cards on expensive paper and send it to your guests. Not only is this time-consuming, but costly too. You can send wedding invitations electronically in the form of WhatsApp videos, email, apps and more. This will save your budget and is also an environmentally-conscious move.

Hire a freelance photographer

Good wedding photography is essential as it captures the moments of your wedding celebrations while letting you cherish them forever. However, professional wedding photographers can be very expensive and this makes freelance photographers a better bet. You do not have to be apprehensive about getting a freelancer onboard for your wedding photography as you can check their work prior to making a booking.  Freelancers are very innovative, and you can expect the best services within an optimal price bracket.

Apply for a low-interest wedding loan

If you find yourself surpassing your set wedding budget, you can always rely on a marriage loan. This form of personal loans has become very popular because of their affordability. Wedding loans are now offered at a low-interest rate and it is a better option than using all of your hard-earned savings at once. Additionally, the loans come with note-worthy benefits that include minimal documentation and long-repayment terms.

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