12 MAY, 2022

Travelling is undoubtedly fun. It's liberating, refreshing, and humbling. It's no wonder that the tourism industry forms a significant part of the overall GDP of many countries across the globe. However, one crucial aspect that usually deters people from packing their bags and boarding a flight is the security aspect. While travelling, you are away from your home for a long time, which means you are out of your comfort zone. Without homemade food, the familiarity of the culture and language, and the certainty of your routine, travelling thrusts you into an environment that is completely new. This opens up opportunities for adventures but also risks. Therefore, it is crucial to travel safely, following all the safety protocols and planning for your trip meticulously. Especially in the post-pandemic era, it is imperative to not overlook the overall safety and security aspects of your trip.


Your safety measures would depend significantly on who is travelling with you - whether you are heading on your solo trip or going with a partner, kids, or elderly parents. It is best to be cognizant of your travel partner while planning your trip. Which place you are travelling to would also determine the safety measures you will need to take. Here is a comprehensive guide on the security tips to help you have a safe and enjoyable trip.


Post-COVID-19 travel safety

After two long years, the world is finally opening up again for travel and tourism. While you might be excited to board the first flight out, you must be careful. The pandemic has changed the rules of travelling significantly and you must adhere to them. Ensure to carry adequate face masks and sanitisers to be well prepared for any outbreak or sensitive situation in your travel destination. Moreover, carry everything you could need while travelling to avoid borrowing or sharing anything with anyone. Ensure to get vaccinated before you plan any trip. All the people you are travelling with should also get their vaccine doses and the booster dose. If you have elderly with serious illnesses, it would be best for them to take utmost care of themselves.


If going abroad, you must study about the different COVID-19 testing rules of the country. Also, it would be best to know if you need quarantine upon arrival in the country before you start your sightseeing. Lastly, ensure to keep distance between yourself and others, more so when you are in an indoor place. Try keeping away from frequently touched spots like handles, handrails, buttons, etc., and keep washing your hands frequently.


Medical safety

Wherever you go for a trip, gather adequate information about the ailments your family is suffering from, especially toddlers and elderly parents. If you are going abroad or going for a long trip within the country, it would be best to carry out essential medical reports that reflect your and your family’s medical condition. Moreover, you must always carry the essential medicines that you need regularly as well as their prescription. Even if you are healthy and do not take any medicines, have a medical kit that includes essential medicines like paracetamol, pain relief spray, digestive pills, etc. If you are travelling with kids, it would be best to carry their food essentials as they might not be able to stay hungry for long durations if ever needed.


Financial safety

Financial safety is a crucial aspect that you must look at while planning a trip. For safe travel, you must have adequate funds to avoid using ATMs or net banking facilities through unknown networks repeatedly. Having said that, ensure to keep your money safe and secure while travelling. You should not keep all your money in one place and rather scatter it in your different luggage and bags. Financial security also entails not exhausting your savings for a trip. You can have a safe and enjoyable holiday without draining all your earnings. You can do this by availing a personal loan for travel. With a travel loan, you need not empty your bank accounts and still see the best places around the world. 


General safety

Keep all your important documents like passport, visa (if needed), identity card, Aadhaar, etc., with you at all times. It would be best to also keep copies of them with you. Do not wander into secluded places alone if you are in a new location. It would be best to not carry excess cash or jewellery to avoid getting mugged. Keep all the doors and windows bolted while staying in hotels, and do not encourage strangers in your room. Also, blend in with the crowd while travelling. Looking like a tourist or standing out among the crowd is not often safe while travelling. Keep your belongings near you, and do not leave them unattended. Also, while shopping, do not get caught in the luring marketing tactics and avoid straying away from the main markets.


Cultural safety

Wherever you travel, ensure to know about the cultural and religious sensitivities of that place. Research well about the travel destination and gather as much information as possible. Read about their culture, places to visit, the best time to visit, and safety guidelines. There are often rules regarding clothing and behaviours in different countries. For example, the natives might not appreciate your short clothes or casual outfits while visiting their religious places. Similarly, if you visit a country with a somewhat orthodox culture, you would want to avoid talking loudly, playing loud music, or even wearing expressive clothing. It would be best to respect the country’s culture and rules to avoid any trouble.


Travelling in the post-pandemic era can be fun. However, you must ensure that you travel safely and face no hassle. While planning, look for COVID-19-safe destinations to visit and their corresponding rules and requirements. Also, inform your family and friends about your travel plans and keep them updated by reaching out to them during your sightseeing. It’s always recommended to share your itinerary as well as details of your accommodation with at least one person back home. While interacting with the locals and connecting with people adds to one’s travel experience, do be cautious with strangers. Do not indulge them by trusting anyone too quickly or accepting food and drinks from them on their insistence. Be aware and vigilant of your surroundings and have a safe trip. To truly experience a relaxing time while travelling, make sure to plan your finances way ahead. Research and make inquiries when opting for a personal loan to explore the world. Make sure to check the different personal loan interest rates offered and personal loan fees and charges too before deciding on a lender.


Bon voyage!

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