21 JUNE, 2022

Getting married is a huge thing. While you are trying to handle your inner emotions, with apprehensions and excitement for the next chapter in your life, it could be exhausting to oversee all the preparation for the wedding. And why not, there are tons of things to be taken care of. On your personal front, you will need to book the makeup artist, mehendi, bridal/groom outfits, salon appointments, etc. Similarly, you would also need to make arrangements for the venue, guests' accommodation, gifts, caterer, decor, etc. With all that needs to be done, it is best to start planning for the biggest event of your life as soon as you get engaged and have enough time on hand. However, if you are lost and confused about where to get started, here is a checklist that can help you begin your wedding prep. Read on.


  • Delegate the work

There are innumerable things to do and close before the wedding. While it might look like a lot, it won’t be a bother if you learn to delegate. You might want to supervise each minor detail, but that can eat away your time from other necessary stuff. Instead, delegate your work. Hire a professional event manager who will help you plan the wedding the way you want. If you have siblings and relatives who can help, you can ask them to book the different vendors and negotiate the rates on your behalf.


  • Set dates and venue

It could be impossible to proceed further unless you choose the final date and venue. If you follow any auspicious date, it could be easier to zero down on the dates that suit both the groom and bride's families. If not, it would be best to choose a date when the maximum number of guests can attend the wedding. Also, decide on the venue beforehand. Do you want a destination wedding? Should the venue be a resort, a hotel, or your home? While determining the venue, ensure that it has good connectivity for all the guests. Also, the venue should support your various rituals and their requirements. It would be best to discuss all the factors before finalising the venue. Also, avoid planning your wedding in extreme weather conditions as it can be uncomfortable.


  • Make decisions together

While you plan for the wedding, it would be best for both the families to make decisions together. Setting up a theme helps simplify the wedding preparations. Do you both want a simple wedding or a grand one? What theme do you both need for your wedding decor? Should the food be continental or traditional? Are you looking for colour coordination in outfits or not? Who will be responsible for the expenses of the wedding function, etc.? What type of wedding style do you need? What results are you looking for? This will help you finalise vendors when required. The more you discuss things with your partner, the easier it would be to make effective plans. It would be best to avoid any room for misunderstandings that can cause chaos during the wedding functions. Ensure that your end goals match and that everything is with the acceptance of both the partners and families.


  • Make the bookings

This can be an arduous task to do. The earlier you make the bookings, the better. The first thing you would need to book is the venue. Once your favourite venue gets booked by someone else, it can be painfully difficult to find a similar one. Similarly, book the vendors for food, makeup artist, decorator, etc., a few months before the date. While you are exploring options, you will need to go through the various lists and options to choose the final one. You would also need to finalise the food menu and go through the guest list. Both these can be time-consuming tasks and could require a couple of reworks. You can ask your partner to help you out or delegate the work to your family members.


  • Stick to your budget

Wedding expenses can easily go out of hand if you are not careful. While it is one of the most important days of your life, it is crucial to stick to your budget. Before you start preparing, decide on the amount of money you want and can spend on the wedding. You can spend your savings and ask your family. However, it would be best to save the money for the coming future and instead utilise a personal loan for marriage to pay for your wedding expenses. You can choose a flexible tenure to help you repay the loan as per your comfort. It is crucial to control expenses when you plan your wedding. Do not indulge in impulsive spending while shopping for your outfits and jewellery. It would be best to avoid purchasing items you might not need immediately. Even when you can borrow a higher amount of marriage loan, it would be best to borrow only as per your need. A personal loan calculator can help you check your loan affordability and loan’s Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI).


  • Be organised

It is very easy to panic when you have so much to do. But being a bit organised can help you. Talk to the couples in your family or friends who have recently got married, as they can have some insightful tips that could help you out. Moreover, use lists, spreadsheets, and apps to help you organise your bookings and maintain them. You can create a wedding master list and prioritise your goals to keep yourself on track. Also, when you are booking vendors, avoid finalising them by relying on reviews. It would be best to test them yourself, wherever possible.


Planning for your wedding can be overwhelming. But you cannot be stressed while you are about to get married in a few weeks or months. Having a systematic plan at hand can help you significantly, which also includes doing a bit of research to narrow down on a lender, the personal loan interest rates prevailing at present and your personal loan eligibility.


And while you are looking forward to a perfect wedding, ensure to give yourself ample time to prepare and plan. Pick everything carefully to avoid any regrets on your D-day. Also, while your mind could be everywhere, ensuring everything goes as planned, do not forget to enjoy the moment. It is your wedding after all. Congratulations and all the best!


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