05 JUNE, 2020

From dream vacations to weekend getaways, the outburst of COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard on the travel plans of the people all around the world. The pandemic has disrupted global travel and put the world under a lockdown. With closed borders, restricted movements, and lockdown, the tourism industry is facing a massive blow. Most of us are living under some travel restrictions, by putting a hold on our wanderlust dreams.

In these uncertain times, it is impossible to predict when travel may resume. The only thing you can do is to postpone your trips and dreams until the situation improves. However, this is the best time to plan your post COVID-19 journeys. For those who kept their travel dreams on hold because of financial instability, there’s no time better than now to research about travel loans

How to plan a trip after COVID-19 pandemic?

Most of the countries face travel restrictions of varied extremes according to the cases reported there. The situation will not undergo a dramatic change soon. The travel restrictions will only be lifted in stages to ensure safety.

  • If you plan to travel after the COVID pandemic, start researching and gathering information from now. This is the golden time to plan that trip of a lifetime
  • Be informed about the travel advisories and restrictions by checking the websites of the World Health Organization (WHO) and respective governments
  • If you are planning to book tickets ahead, make sure you do it through a reputed travel operator
  • Read the clauses and conditions carefully to avoid any hidden risks
  • If needed, make sure that you can adjust the dates of the journey. If you feel that you are getting a good deal, and all the conditions are trustworthy, be brave enough to book the journey tickets in advance
  • Banks are providing travel loans for those who kept their travel dreams half-finished due to a lack of funds. Research about the loans carefully while planning that dream vacation

When can you travel?

The travel industry has not recovered yet from the disruptive state caused by COVID-19. Hence, you cannot travel safely until the world recovers from the pandemic.

  • For now, you need to keep patience and wait until the government lifts the restrictions. As you revamp your travel bucket list now, think about the experiences you have already taken and what experiences were the most memorable or disappointing ones
  • Research well and list down everything you need to organize the next trip close to home that you always wanted to explore, but never had the chance
  • Major areas for tourism have evolved during the pandemic, there’s a definite move towards vacation homes over hotels, need for travel insurance and advisors, etc. Thus, before selecting your next travel destination make sure to consider these factors and use this time to plan a safe and memorable trip

The borders will open gradually. If you wait now, you can travel with no restrictions later. Though the experience might be a little different, the post-pandemic travel will be as amazing as before.

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